The holy of holies of Fabius Restaurant is its cheese dairy. Here, fully in accordance with traditional Italian technologies, our specialists make 9 types of young home-style cheese.

Fabius cooks mastered this highly demanding job under the supervision of the renowned cheese-maker Maurizio Rossini. Maurizio is in the cheese business for more than 30 years. In 1996, he and his father and grandfather together made the longest Mozzarella braid of 150 m length and this record was fixed in the Guinness World Records book.

Restaurant’s Must Try:

Mozzarella is the most famous Italian cheese. Its taste is a bit bland but very subtle, delicate and milky. Fresh mozzarella has a creamy, soft texture and is perfectly combined with Italian herbs, air dried or fresh tomatoes and a glass of white semi-dry wine.

Burrata – fresh Italian cheese – a pouch of Mozzarella filled with soft doughy creamy mixture. Before serving, this delicacy is always kept for some time at room temperature to ensure that all of the sides of its soft taste can be enjoyed as much as possible.

Stracclatella is an example of young unripened cheese. It is small shreds of cheese enveloped in thick lightly salted cream.

Affumicato is a young cheese which is “smoked” with wood smoke the whole time while it is aged and, as a result, it acquires the taste and the pronounced flavour of timber. Connoisseurs and fans of this cheese say that it creates a peculiar atmosphere of supper near the fireplace.

Scamorza - smoked cheese belonging to the pasta filata family. This cheese has sweet creamy flavour with salty notes.

Ricotta - soft cheese with tender flavour and curd texture, with light sweet taste.

Primo Sale - a variety of young Sicilian Pecorino with salty flavour.

Caciotta - classical semi-soft dinner cheese with light sweet and creamy flavour.

Cacciocavallo - this cheese has light sweet milky or slightly piquant taste depending on its age.

The guests may try any of our cheeses in the Restaurant or take this treat to go to extend the Italian pleasure at home.